VE Series

VE1, VE2, VE4

Batch Curing Oven
Available With Gas or Electric Heat

As the leading innovators in garment curing oven design and construction, Leonard Automatics, Inc., works hard  to continually improve our products. It is our goal to provide you with equipment made from the highest quality materials and components so you can be assured the equipment you purchase will provide years of trouble-free service.

Leonard Automatics has developed the VE Series batch curing ovens designed specifically to produce consistent quality  in varied amounts to suit your needs.

Available in three different sizes and three different sources of heat, the VE Series can meet your production requirements and do it in a way that is most economical to you. Built per order, all VE Series curing ovens can be customized to fit your particular needs.



Just like our other curing ovens, the VE Series is constructed of stainless steel panels to give you the best value for your investment. Corrosion and stain resistant, your new curing oven will last many years to come.


The airflow within the VE Series is fully customizable by manipulating a simple system of louvers and plates to reach the result you are looking for. The unique air handling system forces air down through the garments as they hang within the oven. Full control is achievable in this way.

Control Systems

The VE Series curing ovens could not be simpler to use. The pre-programmed logic control greatly simplifies the operation of the machine. Simply set the temperature needed for your product and turn the System Cycle Start knob to the ON position and let the machine do the rest. The PLC will control the duration of the cycle, modulate the heat source (gas or electric) and vent the machine at the completion of the cycle. A manual cool down feature is provided to assist in the expedited removal of heat and curing fumes.

Real Data

Even and controlled heating of the garment is of critical importance during the curing stages of garment manufacturing. The unique design of the VE Series batch ovens allows for superior temperature control. The sample graph to the left shows how we are able to bring the garment up to temperature and hold it there for the duration of the cycle ensuring consistent and even curing throughout the process.