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Our garment tunnel finishers are manufactured to fit the needs of your on premise laundry in the healthcare, hospitality or institutional industries. Scrubs, patient gowns, lab coats and smocks all finish beautifully in our garment tunnel finishers.

V Series


16-GH, 24-GH & 32-GH

Patented Modular U-Turn Garment Finisher

With the patented modularity of the V Series tunnel finishers, you will never have to worry about your production need exceeding your tunnel’s output. Leonard Automatics’ Simple Addition add on module will keep your tunnels capabilities right in line with your growing business. This may be the last tunnel you ever buy.

The V Series U-turn tunnel finishers are the perfect fit for high volume industrial laundry applications. The U-turn configuration allows for higher production within a relatively small footprint while containing the heat and controlling the airflow more efficiently than in standard straight through models.

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VTP Series


16-GH, 24-GH & 32-GH

Triple Pass Tunnel Finishers

The unique design of the VTP Series allows for better containment of steam in the conditioning chamber as well as less atmospheric draw from outside the tunnel. This provides greater heat transfer for higher evaporation rates which increases production while producing a higher quality finish than standard methods of garment finishing.

For the last 30 years, you have had two choices in tunnel finishers: straight through and U-turn. The new VTP Series (patent pending) is a leap forward in the evolution of garment finishing technology. This radical new design provides higher production rates, increased quality of finish and greater energy efficiency, all the while maintaining the high standards of workmanship, quality components and long life you expect from a Leonard tunnel.

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LTF-2000 Small Piece Folder

Leonard Automatics has designed a cost effective, high production small piece folder that is easy to use, easy to maintain and gentle on the budget.

Performing a “French Fold” lateral fold and either two or three crossfolds, the VLS-2000 will fold anything from a bar mop to a bath  towel (maximum piece size is 72″ x 33″).

Belt speeds of 180 feet per minute is more than enough to keep up with your fastest workers while a knife between pinch roll  crossfolds ensures accurate folds and crisp lines.

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This stacker beats any other method of handling small flatwork pieces. It accepts napkins, bib aprons, towels and other small pieces up to 22″ (559mm) wide, right from your ironer, then automatically stacks and counts them. Now one operator can handle up to 5,000 pieces per hour – and still have plenty of time for other chores. No more back-of-the-ironer bottlenecks! And no matter what method you’re using now, you can reduce your labor costs, increase your productivity, deliver more accurate counts, and boost your profits in the process.

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The Patented Automatic Lint Filtration System

Proper airflow and heat distribution are important components of the performance of your garment finisher. Clogged lint filters compromise these crucial factors resulting in uneven and inconsistent finished product.

The patented AutoFilter is designed to address this very issue. By automatically cleaning itself while the finisher is in operation, the airflow and temperature within the tunnel will be more consistent; therefore, the tunnel will provide better overall garment quality and production rates. Modular by design, the AutoFilter can be added to existing U-Turn style tunnel finishers.

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Auto Loader for Pendant Conveyor Systems


A “cam style” auto-loader for pendant conveyor systems is an ideal addition anywhere high volume is needed. The auto-loader is fed by a ten foot stainless steel twist conveyor to provide a constant supply of garments. A proximity sensor detects the presence of a hanger on the cam which opens the solenoid to actuate an air cylinder feeding the garment to the conveyor.

Ideal for high production plants, this unit is able to maintain the production rates your facility requires. The loader comes with required sensors and can either be installed as a stand alone unit or as a fully integrated unit.

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InfaRed Garment Temp Control System


Automated Temperature Controls

Historically, tunnel finishers only measured air temperature. Now, with the addition of this option you have the power to actively monitor garment temperatures in real time while your tunnel is in operation. The tunnel will know when the garments within have reached a dangerously high temperature and will dial back the burner enough to keep the garments from being damaged and wasting energy.

A graph, rendered in real time, shows garment temperature trends giving the operator unprecedented control over the finishing process. Target garment temperatures can now be accurately controlled for the highest quality finish.

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Ethernet Module

EtherNet Module

Simplified Programming, Monitoring & Troubleshooting

The optional Ethernet module provides a variety of functionality to the operator. Simplified reporting to the manager’s computer is handled over your internal LAN; as well as, real time monitoring of basic tunnel operating parameters. An HTML intranet based interface provides easy to use and understand data for managers.

Remote access capabilities are also a possibility with the Ethernet module. Troubleshooting has never been easier with a Leonard technician remotely logged into your tunnel for first hand exposure to your tunnel’s behavior. Our technician will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose your system and even reload a fresh program if necessary.

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Slant Table & Hanger Stands

Slant Table

Ergonomic Solutions To Improve Production

Ergonomics have become increasingly important in recent years, and Leonard Automatics has met that need with our Slant Table and Hanger Stand workstations. By providing ergonomically correct workstations, your staff will experience less fatigue.

The Slant Table keeps garments within reach. As the worker picks a garment to hang, the pile slides down the table to keep a supply of product within reach at all times.

The Hanger Stand holds a hanger in place while the operator places the product on the hanger. With adjustable height and able to hold fifty hangers at a time, the Hanger Stand reduces excessive movement and increases production.

Click the following links to view the videos on the Hanger Stand and Slant Table.

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