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Garment Conveyors

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Our stainless steel Transporter Conveyor chain leads the industry in durability and quality. We also offer a wide range of ancillary equipment for the various laundry industries such as hanger stands, slant tables, our patented Vertical Pressing Station and our Pacer Production Management and counting system.

Transporter Conveyor System


The Transporter Conveyor chain is the only chain offered to the laundry industry that is constructed of stainless steel. This construction not only provides greater pull strength, but also the corrosion resistance needed for long-term operation in a garment finisher.

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Auto Loader for Pendant Conveyor Systems


A “cam style” auto-loader for pendant conveyor systems is an ideal addition anywhere high volume is needed. The auto-loader is fed by a ten foot stainless steel twist conveyor to provide a constant supply of garments. A proximity sensor detects the presence of a hanger on the cam which opens the solenoid to actuate an air cylinder feeding the garment to the conveyor.

Ideal for high production plants, this unit is able to maintain the production rates your facility requires. The loader comes with required sensors and can either be installed as a stand alone unit or as a fully integrated unit.

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Auto Loader for Twist Conveyor Systems


This auto-loader comes as a complete kit and installs quickly on any tunnel utilizing a twist style conveyor within the tunnel. A four foot stainless steel “buffer” zone can hold up to 50 garments at a time. Simply fill the loader with garments and walk away, freeing up the operator. Simple to maintain, the auto-loader requires little adjustment after the initial set-up.

The loader comes with a standard variable speed DC drive. The desired rotational speed of the auto-loader is simply dialed in at the control panel. The loader is able to maintain production rates up to 500 garments per hour. In the same manner, varied conveyor spacing is achievable as well.

A typical 110 volt electrical connection is all that is needed to power this add on.

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